My name is Amanda and I absolutely find SO much joy with this little Studio of ours - we have been in business for 9.5 years (3 years with a brick + mortar, 4.5 in home) and it's been the best time of my life! I am a designer, Jesus LOVER, coffee obsessed, self-proclaimed hands on DIY crafter, wife to my amazing and handy husband Dan (see below), mommy to four beautiful children and i am a *heart* hoarder, as in i sometimes have a hard time parting with the things we make, and keep it for awhile! I have designed custom built (by Handy Dan), rustic/modern and distressed wooden décor for almost TEN years! I absolutely love finding new, exciting and simple ways to make beautiful items for your home and cannot wait to share my tips with all of you, to make this a fun and stress free shopping experience!


Hey guys! I'm Handy Dan and husband to Amanda! You don't see me often but I'm the guy that builds your wood signs and other decor! with a background in finish carpentry, cabinet making, trim and framing for the last 15 years, I can pretty much build anything my boss lady *cough* WIFE is wanting to DIY with or for you! I take pride in my work and hope you feel proud to have our decor in your home! Always made by my hands!